March 14, 2023

10,000 Dutch Farmers Descend On The Hague To Protest Nitrogen Fertilizer Restrictions

The UN is attacking farmers by blaming them for up to 1/3 of so-called “greenhouse gasses” that cause global warming. Restricting the use of fertilizers is a direct attack on all of humanity to reduce population while gaining control over those who remain. The perpetrators at the top are eyes-wide-open, Those carrying out their evil schemes are just plain stupid. Welcome to Technocracy.

Becoming One: Futurists Predict Technological Singularity By 2045

Technocrats predict that the Singularity will usher in Nirvana as computers and humans merge. However, it is just as likely, if not more so, that it will end up like the toxic train derailment in Palestine, Ohio. There will be n0 middle ground. Nevertheless, the Technocrat/Transhuman cartel continues to race forward with no ethical or moral constraints, intentionally pouring on more speed.

Technocracy Exposed With The World Health Organization’s ‘Pandemic Treaty’

Global public health is merely the prop for the greater scheme of taking control of the entire planet and all of its resources, including humans. If adopted, the treaty will  doom democracy and republicanism to the dustbin of history. Big Pharma and the biotech industry will sit at the top of the new international Technocracy, directing the transmogrification of Humanity 2.0 .