March 21, 2023

Zelensky The Technocrat: War in Ukraine Obscures Rush To Technocracy

Before the war, Zelensky’s first initiative after his election, was to create a Ministry of Digital Transformation headed by Technocrat and WEF Young Leaders graduate, Mykhailo Fedorov. With a digital ID at the core, “government in a smartphone” solidifies Technocrat control. Worse, the U.S. taxpayer is funding a large portion of the transformation.

Bill Gates Invests $4.7 Million In Data-Collecting Faceware For Livestock

Bill Gates is the poster child for Technocracy. He is also an avowed transhuman as well as a eugenicist. Do cows need face masks and monitoring? Hardly. Smart mask data collection via 5G or WiFi will put EMF radiation close to the brain, but this is not a consideration. Technocrats invent because the can, not because there is any demonstrated need to do so.

Xi Jinping Leads China’s Technocracy To Global Prominence

Xi Jinping is quietly rising to power as he declares that China is ready to “stand guard over world order” during his visit to Russia. Was the Ukraine war a false flag to bring China and Russia together? With Biden’s deep connections to China, it should not be ruled out. China’s goal is to convert the entire world into Technocracy.