March 1, 2023

UN: Transforming How We Eat, ‘A Critical Accelerator’ To SDGs

Should the UN have any part of “transforming food systems worldwide”? No. Was there something wrong with the existing food system? No. The UN views such transformation as a critical “accelerator” to achieve its equally fraudulent Sustainable Development Goals. Nevertheless, the UN is striving for a complete upside-down transformation of existing food production. Let them eat bugs.

US Cattle Inventory Sinks To Lowest Level Since 1962

A 70 year low. The ranching industry has been under attack for decades and beef inventory proves it. Our food producing industry is under egregious attack by Technocrats and their environmental minions at all levels: Water, seeds, land, fertilizer, mandates, etc. Government meddling needs to be halted to stop the decline. The United Nations has long declared that red meat needs to disappear – and it is.

Miss Car Payment? Future Ford Vehicles Could Repossess Themselves

With the addition of kill-switches and full-control automation of the car, they can be programmed to automatically repossess themselves if you miss a payment. Further, if the police want to pull you over faster than you pull yourself over, the kill switch could be used to force you to the side of the road. Even during a routine stop, your car could be disabled to prevent driving away prematurely.

“Organoid Intelligence” (OI): Biocomputing And Intelligence-In-A-Dish

Technocrats invent because they can, not because there is a demonstrated need to do so. Now scientists are intending to use real human brain cells to leapfrog silicon technology to create a competitor to AI that is being called Organoid Intelligence, or OI. This is another slippery slope that could push boundaries in both directions.

Musk To Start His Own Non-Woke AI Company To Compete With OpenAI?

Elon Musk co-founded OpenAI that created ChatGPT. It turned out much darker than he had anticipated, with ChatGPT spewing woke diatribes and false information. Now, Musk is jockeying to create a non-woke competitor to OpenAI and challenge Microsoft’s domination of the resulting marketplace for the product.