March 16, 2023

Climate Change Flip-Flop? Bank of England Drops It, Biden Drills For Big Oil

The grand narrative on climate change hasn’t changed (yet) but the hypocrisy of it all is showing through. In a major reversal. the Bank of England is cutting climate change spending while Biden just approved a gigantic oil drilling initiative. Could this be the beginning of the end of the war on carbon? Not likely. Technocrats still want to destroy capitalism.

Tick, Tick, Tick: The Quadrillion Dollar Derivatives Tsunami

Since Technocrats demonstrably have it in for Capitalism and Free Market Economics, is it conceivable that they would intentionally pull the tripwire on the gargantuan derivative market? The size of this obscure market is well over 1 quadrillion dollars and is built like a house of cards. Warren Buffet calls it “weapons of mass destruction.”