March 13, 2023

Medical Technocracy: The Forced Medication Of All Citizens

It should be, “your body, your choice”. That’s over. The combined forces of Technocracy and Transhumanism are now in control of your body, both of what you put into it and what comes out of it. All disease, whether real or faked, will be treated by protocols from on high and at their discretion and timing.

Barbara Malthusian Hubbard: From Limits to Growth to UN Agenda 2030

Klyczek: “Malthusianism is the bedrock of Darwinism, which is the foundation of eugenics, which is the cornerstone of transhumanism. Put another way, transhumanism encompasses both the Malthusian-sustainable control of population quantity and the Darwinian-eugenic control of population quality by means of technocracy. “