March 29, 2023

Ray Kurzweil: Immortality Just Eight Years Away?

Ray Kurzweil is a Technocrat and Transhuman who has long predicted the Singularity coming to reality by 2045. Now he is upping his prediction to 2029, just 6 years away, stating the immortality for the living is near and achievable; however, he is personally focussed on resurrecting his father, which is a different issue from immortality.

King Charles Enthusiastically Embraces Genetic Editing

King Charles is completely aligned with the World Economic Forum’s two-part Great Reset: First, to create the new global economic order and second, to create Humanity 2.0 through genetic editing. As I have plainly documented, Transhumanism includes the takeover of DNA of all living things on earth, including plants and insects.