March 15, 2023

ChatGPT May Have Irreversible Consequences For Learning And Decision-making

There are two aspects of the mind. One concerns what you think, and AI can stuff your brain full of nonsense in the blink of an eye. The second aspect is how you think, or how you arrive at conclusions, beliefs, etc. ChatGPT and look-a-likes have the potential to rewire your brain and quietly change your decision-making pathways. This is particularly dangerous for youth up to age 25, as brains are being set for life

Microsoft Scraps AI Ethics Team As It Rolls Out ChatGPT

Microsoft is doubling down on ChatGPT and related AI technologies, obviously intending to dominate the market as it transforms into a knowledge organ for humanity. The problem? Microsoft just disbanded its AI Ethics team that was originally assembled to guide the responsible development of AI. This is equivalent to Google erasing its credo “Don’t be evil” in 2018.

Ubiquitous AI Cameras To Surveil Travelers’ Every Move, Mood, Behavior

Cameras take images but AI interprets them for every conceivable characteristic: identity, mood, intention, compliance, direction of travel, handicaps, etc. This shows the Technocrat lust for data in order to practice Technocracy’s so-called “science of social engineering”. Manipulating human behavior is more achievable today than ever before in history.