March 24, 2023

How Trump Was Convinced To Lock Down Over Sars-CoV-2

Did the tail wag the dog or did the dog wag the tail? If it was the national-security/intelligence sector that spooked Trump into flip-flopping into a draconian policy to “defeat” COVID by locking down the nation, then we can be certain that globalist Technocrats were at work to make sure the script of Event 201 was followed to the letter.

OpenAI CEO Altman Sounds Alarm Over AI and ChatGPT

Sam Altman is in love with AI and GPT-4, but is also scared over the dark side. His biggest concern: Disinformation and fabricated cyber attacks, yet thus far, only a limited version of AI has been released, as if to say that there is much more that will be released after the public absorbs the current versions.