March 27, 2023

How Transhumanism Is At At Odds With Christianity

One Christian writer offers six reasons why Transhumanism is wrong and ill-fated. Because it seeks to structurally change humans, it deserves critical analysis from all sides. My latest book, The Evil Twins of Technocracy and Transhumanism, reveals how global elitists at all levels are pushing Transhumanism; in reality, it is a return of eugenics from the 20th century.

ChatKJV: When ChatGPT Meets The King James Bible

The Bible will now be parsed by ChatGPT, that is, Artificial Intelligence. Ask questions, it gives answers. But, ChatGPT has no soul, much less spirit. So, it is possible for AI to give meaningful interpretations and spiritual advice to sentient spiritual beings? It would seem not, but that won’t stop people from using ChatKJV.

Oh-Oh: ChatGPT Can Access The Internet And Run The Code It Writes

Well, this is a slippery slope that may not end well. The question is, is ChatGPT intelligent enough to learn how to escape its boundaries into the broader internet? If it does escape, could a myriad of artificial, executing code modules ever be contained again? As ChatGPT is integrated into just about everything, it may not turn out as docile as planned.