March 6, 2023

Un-Civil Liberties: DHS’ Domestic-Intelligence Program

There apparently is no protection to safeguard the erosion of civil liberties when it comes to the government spying on its own citizens, and even more so when agencies are weaponized to cause harm to those same citizens. The Constitution has experienced ” death by a thousand cuts” over the last 50 years and is perilously close to final death.

Biden’s EO 14067 Promoting CBDC Is Now One Year Old

The devil is in the details. This 10-page Executive Order sounds innocuous until you get to the definitions section, where “”digital assets” is defined as “including centralized and decentralized finance platforms, or through peer-to–peer technologies.” Centralized means that transaction data is transmitted to a central database for storage and analysis.

15-Minute Cities Are Technates In Disguise

The 15-minute city is a cover for a data collection bonanza for Technocrats who would design and operate them. Cities designed for maximum “efficiency” always reveal Technocrat thinking that efficiency itself is the goal, and that maximum surveillance allows for maximum control to achieve even more efficiency. At its very root. this mechanistic thinking is anti-human.