March 8, 2023

‘Geofence’ Warrants Threaten Every Cell Phone User

If you inadvertently and unknowingly pass by a crime scene with cell phone in hand, you may be intentionally caught in a “geofence” police dragnet to find all people within a radius of the criminal act. Upon sifting the data, “suspects” will be identified and targeted for investigation. This practice is an egregious violation of the Fourth Amendment, yet typical of Technocrat modus operandi.

Flashback: America Is A Technocracy, Not A Democracy

This article appeared on the Mises Institute website in May, 2020 at the beginning of the Great Panic of 2020 (read, pandemic). By original definition, Technocracy is anti-democratic, and anti-political. It is clear that over the decades, political bodies have voluntarily given up decision-making authority to Technocrats in various fields.

Stampede: Companies Jump On ChatGPT To Automate Daily Business Tasks

Two of the largest corporate influencers, Microsoft and Salesforce, are diving into ChatGPT with total abandon, which will normalize ChatGPT throughout large and small businesses. This is transformative for life on earth and will henceforth be required in order to be competitive.