March 9, 2023

Transhumanist Scientists Create Mice With ‘Two Dads’

The natural, organic way to procreate involves a man and a woman. This isn’t good enough for the Transhuman cartel, so they find a way to create viable eggs using only male cells, giving encouragement and credibility to the transgender community who already insist that women can be men and men can be women.

The Troubling Future Of The Green Electric Revolution

Fatalism abounds. The human and environmental cost of making EVs is enormous. There will never be enough availability energy to charge all the EVs currently envisioned by manufacturers. The outcome in America will be identical to the UK as reality slaps the face of Utopian Technocrat dreamers.

Prince Michael On Europe’s Regulatory-Technocratic Suicide

The author concludes, “It was always doubtful that technocrats could develop solutions better than the market does.” Technocratic micro-management always results in gridlock that cannot be rationalized away. Technocrats simply move on to another project to “solve” and micromanage some more. Technocrats are typically too deep in the forest to see the trees.

Is The Transhumanist Era Is Already Here?

If humans are just “ape-brained meatsacks” in desperate need of an upgrade, then their Utopia isn’t working out as well as hoped. In fact, Transhumanism has been sneaking up on us before anyone recognized it as such. Today, the rush to hack humanity will favor the rich and discriminate against everyone else.

Scientists Use AI To Turn Thoughts Into Images, 80% Accuracy

If the Scientific Revolution is a horse, it is ridden by Technocrats who are driven to examine and expose everything that is human. The mechanistic approach is that humans are just accidental blobs of molecules that deserve to be analyzed. As C.S. Lewis explained in The Abolition of Man, conquering nature ends up conquering man.