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(December 18, 2015) Can you feel the suffocation of oppression closing in? Do you see the disintegration of our American economic and political system, our culture and even the outright attacks on our Judeo-Christian values? Do you hear the cry of the middle class as it sinks into oblivion?

What’s happening is not just bad luck, unfortunate circumstances, isolated events, stupidity or common corruption.

The fact is, America is being methodically and purposely conquered by an unseen enemy. Our shields are down. Our people are asleep. Our weapons are almost non-existent. The war has been waged in stealth, so the enemy has not yet been identified… until now!

What is Technocracy? It is Scientific Dictatorship in the making. It wants to control and micro-manage every facet of our lives, to destroy our wealth and private property, to give us a future that we did not choose and do not want.

Be warned: Technocracy is the same nefarious ideology that enabled Adolph Hitler in the 1930s. Nazi Germany used advanced technology to enslave and kill millions of its own citizens. This hasn’t happened here yet, but this is the direction we are headed.

Designed in the 1930s by prominent scientists and engineers, Technocracy is a replacement economic system for Capitalism and Free Enterprise. It was adopted by the elite Trilateral Commission in 1973 as its “New International Economic Order”. Today it is expressed as Sustainable Development, Agenda 21, 2030 Agenda, Climate Change, Green Economy, Total Surveillance Society, Smart Grid, Common Core Education Standards and more. These are not isolated issues, but rather are all part of a single strategy to transform the entire global economic system.

Technocracy seeks control over all means of production and consumption. It will tell us where to live, what kind of education we can have, where we work, what we eat, what kind of car we drive, where we travel. It demands obedience and spies with impunity on every private activity to make sure we comply.

If we don’t stop Technocracy, we are headed straight toward a Scientific Dictatorship that will push us and the rest of the world back into the Dark Ages of feudalism.

This is NOT the future we want!

National politicians will not save us. Congress will not save us. Committees will not save us. That leaves We The People to take matters into our own hands to act now!

We (at Coherent Publishing and Technocracy.News) are committed to blitzing the nation through radio, meetings and activist training, enabling citizens everywhere to rise up, challenge and reject Technocracy and the technocrats who are implementing it, but we cannot do it alone. Without operatives in every state, county, town and community, there will be no success. Without leadership at all levels, there will be no success. That’s right, you must get involved: be a leader or a follower, but don’t just sit back and do nothing!

The War On Technocracy also needs financial support to wage this war. There is no time left to sit on the fence. It will do no good to complain about it or point fingers at ignorant politicians. WE NEED A WAR CHEST RIGHT NOW !

The best way to contribute financially is to make a monthly pledge that will be automatically debited from your credit card on the same day each month. Checks or money orders by mail work as well. Either way, every dollar goes directly to the front line.

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We Need Volunteers!

You are our eyes, ears, feet, hands and voice needed to reach America. We will give you detailed training on everything that you can do to advance the battle. Here are some areas of great need:

  • Social Media Specialists – Spend an hour per day making posts on social media (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) and starting discussions on other people’s posts.
  • Communication Specialists – Write letters to editors and blog posts about Technocracy and how to get involved in stopping it. Every contact builds awareness and we must involve more of the American public.
  •  Public Relations Specialists – Contact every radio host and civic group in your city or state to promote Patrick Wood and/or Debbie Bacigalupi for interviews and speaking engagements. We also have other people who can speak and give great interviews as well. This is tedious work, but this is the only way to blanket every community in America.

If you want to enlist as a volunteer, please send an email today to and we will contact you and give you training as well. Please include both your phone number and regular mail address.