Why Would Elon Musk Praise China On Internet Censorship?

Elon musk parrots the original Technocracy doctrine, “we will create an era of extreme abundance of goods and services, where everyone can live a life of abundance.” He gravitates to China because China is a Technocracy. Birds of a feather, flock together.

United Nations Penalizes Criticisms Against Technocrat Takeover

“There’s clear coordination, globally, of censorship. With few exceptions, countries have taken action to criminalize free speech, and they have done so in lockstep with each other. It began in earnest with censorship of theories about the origins of SARS-CoV-2, and grew from there to include anything COVID related.”

WEF Calls For AI To Censor ‘Hate Speech’ And ‘Misinformation’

The WEF was the original standard narrative against which all censorship was measured. Now it is calling for preemptive censorship to head off “hate speech” and “misinformation” before it is actually published. That means it must essentially monitor every keystroke before the “submit” button is pressed. This would be the disillusion of free speech

Technocracy: A Digital Slave System Where No Dissent Is Allowed

This article is the succinct view from a European scholar on where the world is headed, namely, straight into outright Technocracy. The evil and twisted religion of Scientism can be easily identified where “scientific expert councils erode democracy.” Indeed, Technocracy intends to completely remove the entire political layer of society in order to control people directly, without discussion or recourse.

Google Spam Filter Cost Republicans $2 Billion In Lost Donors

In new evidence revealed by a study from North Carolina State University, Google selectively marks as spam conservative donation email requests, automatically dropping them into recipients’ junk folder. This dirty trick potentially violates campaign finance laws an is an important means of skewing election results.