Facebook Bans Australia, May Soon Regret It

In the most draconian move ever, all Australian stories are banned from being shared on Facebook, whether inside or outside of the ‘down under’ state. This could result in a PR nightmare as other states are now lining up to tackle Facebook’s out-of-control megalomanic lust for control.

Mercola: The Web Of Censors Behind The Censors

Finally, some clarity to the network of censors around the world who control what gets censored and what does not. The network is relatively small in number, but well funded and able to leverage themselves many times over through more traditional media. This network is 100% intentional.

Twitter Purges 70,000 Accounts Since Friday

Twitter, like Facebook, Apple, Google and Amazon, thinks it can hide behind its own terms of service while destroying the basic human right to free speech of millions of Americans. Meanwhile, congress and states do nothing to correct them. This is the end result of Technocracy.