Mozilla Joins Big Tech’s Purge Of Free Speech

Technocrats throughout the Big Tech sector are surfacing like a fleet of atomic submarines to completely destroy free speech and the Constitution of the United States. Mozilla will build tools into its Firefox browser that filters “fake news” automatically.

Email Giant Mailchimp Now Censoring And Deactivating Accounts

Across the spectrum of the Internet world, outright war has been declared on Free Speech and the First Amendment. Social media, payment processors, search engines, telecommunications and now email services are ganged up against the entire body of conservative thought in America.

Is China Running Big Tech In America?

China is the most oppressive and censored Technocracy in the world, and it is wholly dedicated to the “Science of Social Engineering”. Its tentacles into America have been routinely identified and then routinely censored. China’s most important hooks, however, are in Big Tech itself.

Big Tech’s Censorship Is Electronic Book Burning In Real Time

Every evil revolution in history has had its book burning day to purge information detrimental to its success. Today’s censorship will ultimately be viewed as that essential part of Technocracy’s coup d’etat. Without knowledge and the ability to communicate freely, there can be no resistance.

Free Speech Is Dying As Governments Clamp Down

A dangerous new legal theory is introduced and setting precedents around the world: “legal but harmful”. This leaves the censors in total control of arbitrarily determining what is “harmful” and then imposing punishment. This is currently the essence of Big Tech censorship.

Oligarchs Or Government: Who Really Directs Big Tech Censorship?

It’s more complicated than you think. Much of social media was originally funded with government-supplied taxpayer funds. Now, not only does government do nothing to curtail their censorship, but continues to give it a strong tailwind.  Indeed, Big Tech is a stealth takeover the propaganda machine that government lusts after.