Google: None Dare Call It Sedition

Google has now flatly stated its intent to influence and control public perception so as to manipulate and determine national political election outcomes. It does this by using AI algorithms to skew search results, presenting only their political views, and suppressing dissenting or alternative views. 

Leaked: How Facebook Determines ‘Hate Agent’ Status

The reason that Big Tech censorship seems so disjointed is because it is. Facebook gathers data about you from online and offline sources, determines all your associations, what posts you share, who you interview, who you ‘Like’ and then slaps you with a hate score. Once tagged as a ‘Hate Agent’, the designation will blacklist you for years to come.

Breaking Up? Internet Imperiled By New Regulations

Nations are passing laws that conflict with other nations and the result will be ‘nationalized data’ similar to the Ministry of Truth in George Orwell’s dystopian book, Nineteen Eighty Four. Further splintering of the Internet is inevitable.

Update: Google Cancels AI Ethics Panel After Uproar

Google’s ethics panel got swarmed by thousands of (unethical?) non-participants attacking individual members of its ethics panel. The result was utter chaos, resignations and finally, cancelling the whole thing. Big Tech and ethics are approaching oxymoronic status.

European Union’s Nightmare Of Internet Copyright And Censorship

The EU just passed Article 13 that will change the Internet forever. it will prevent any sharing of original content without express permission from the copyright holder. This will end sharing/reposting news articles and pictures and it is forcing social media giants to install upload filters to automatically block offenders.