Wired: Italy’s Weird Technopopulism Could Be The New Normal

Castellani believes that “far from being foes, technocracy and populism are increasingly becoming allies in a war against a common enemy: representative democracy and traditional politicians.” Whether intentional or not, a major European nation was just flipped into Technocracy by Populists. 

European Democracies In The Age Of Populisms And Technocracies

Techno-populism, a curious blend of Populism and Technocracy, is rising in Europe and is being openly discussed. However, the same phenomenon is seen in the U.S. with Trump (populism) partnering with Technocrats. Because the Technocrats wind up being the only people able to run complex systems, they end up with the upper hand.

Technopopulism Is Born In Italy By Blending Technocracy And Populism

This is a watershed phenomenon in Italy where Technocrats and Populists are melding together to further common goals. However, note that the real reins of power are held by Technocrats. TN has previously suggested that the global populist movement would ultimately support Technocracy, the goal of which is to decentralize and weaken national governments.