Total Surveillance Society

Microsoft: 'Windows 10 China Government Edition' Grants China Back Door To Everything

Microsoft: ‘Windows 10 China Government Edition’ Grants China Back Door To Everything

Pandora’s Box has been opened as Microsoft caves to China’s demands for full control over encryption and telemetry. This allows China a ‘back door’ to spy on everyone and every thing in its society. China is an autocratic Technocracy that is consumed with the micro-managed engineering of its entire society. Now, other nations will demand that Microsoft build ‘back door’ versions for them as well, and you can bet that the U.S. will be at the head of that line.

Data Invasion: Google Matches Physical Store Purchases With Browsing History To Deliver Ads

All of your data from brick-and-mortar store purchases via credit card are readily available to corporate giants like Google. They match you with your browser history and online purchases and then charge advertisers big bucks to deliver personalized ads to you. This is not funny or cute. This is Technocracy. Did I mention that the head of Google, Eric Schmidt, is a member of the elitist Trilateral Commission?

Wi-Fi holography

Scientists: We Can Photograph People In 3D Through Walls Using Wi-Fi

Using radiation from your own home Wi-Fi router, devices outside you home can see what is inside. Leave it to German scientists to dream this one up. Technocrats invent only because they can, not because it is smart or useful. Only over-aggressive authorities will benefit from this technology and citizens will be stripped of their last corner of privacy in their shrinking world.