E-Verify Is Trojan Horse For Digital Tyranny

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Both Republicans and Democrats are falling for the Technocrat-inspired E-Verify scheme that sounds good on the surface but is rotten to the core on the inside. Labor is essential to economic activity, as is energy and currency. All three of these are slouching toward total control, thus giving absolute Technocrat control over economic issues.

This was Technocracy’s original goal from the 1930s: total and absolute control over every facet of economic activity, balancing resources with public need. Central Bank Digital Currencies will take control of monty. Smart Grid will take control of energy. E-Verify will take control of labor. If you cannot see this pincer movement, step back and look at the larger picture. ⁃ TN Editor

The e-verify program is one of those subtle Trojan Horses that government is so good at.
It starts with a widely perceived problem that has widespread support: that the country is full of illegal workers.

Whether or not this is actually a problem is a matter that can be debated, but that’s not actually the relevant bit. The relevant bit is that it’s popularly seen as such in many quarters.

The solution looks simple: create e-verify.

All employers are required to check citizenship/work eligibility when hiring.

It seems simple, straightforward, and people will support it because it does not harm them, it keeps others from competing with them. we’re simply solving the problem of “stop flooding into work, there are no jobs for you any more.” (Well, except in agriculture which is being carved out because no one is crazy enough to block that and let crops rot in fields or field lie fallow.)

But there is a much more subtle twist here: it’s a classic trojan framing.

You lose the minute you wheel this thing in. You have already surrendered, you just don’t know it yet. “There is this seemingly simple thing you want” is dangled, but what it’s really doing is turning a right into a privilege and gathering the power to administer that privilege into the hands of an unelected, unaccountable government agency run by people you have never heard of and probably never will.

I will remind you of Coyote’s Law: “before granting any power to government, first imagine that power wielded by the politician you hate most, because one day, it will be.”

Try applying that here. You’re going to give a federal agency an individualized on off switch for employment for everyone. sure, you might like this one thing that they do with it, but what else might they use it for soon?

Rep Thomas Massie speculates:

I certainly cannot disagree. My only quibble is that I fear that this is the optimistic case and that this tool will inevitably expand in use to become a full blown instrument of social credit systems and systems of social control.

Giving the government the power to treat hiring as a privilege that they must approve has all the potential of a central bank digital currency but for jobs.

  • You cannot hire her. She is an undesirable for her political views.
  • You cannot hire him. You are behind on your diversity requirements.
  • You cannot hire a new worker, inflation is too high.
  • You cannot hire at all. We don’t like you.

Every scary thing that can be said about government-run digital currency also applies to government control over who may be hired.  And if you think once they have made this a privilege managed by central control that they will not immediately start the mission creep or commence dreaming up a new crisis to justify massive expansion into some new area be it vaccines or DEI or who knows what, well, you should call your history teacher and ask for your money back.

Free association is a right. It must be retained and expanded as such.

You’ve seen the slavering desire to shift, alter and force this sort of “we get to decide who gets to go where and get what” all through government in everything from college admissions to hiring to lending.

Do you really want to hand a tool this potent to people like that and trust that they will “only use it to do nice things”? Because that seems like a very bad bet.

It’s always easy to get suckered into these things with a sympathetic use case. “We’re just banning pro-nazi speech!” sounds fine. Few want to hear it. Fewer will stand up for Nazis. But once you grant the power for such a ban, you have given up your right to free speech.

The rest is just a negotiation about the terms of your censorship. How did you like how that went? Want to play again with your livelihood?

This is not a wooden equid that should be allowed within the gates. Not now. Not ever. No on e-verify.

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About the Editor

Patrick Wood
Patrick Wood is a leading and critical expert on Sustainable Development, Green Economy, Agenda 21, 2030 Agenda and historic Technocracy. He is the author of Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation (2015) and co-author of Trilaterals Over Washington, Volumes I and II (1978-1980) with the late Antony C. Sutton.
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So long as E-Verify is not linked to a digital ID I’m for it 100 percent. And currently it is not: it is based on your SS# and Legal Status. It is the only way we get the toothpaste (as many as 15 million Illegal Aliens) back in the tube. I’d be far more concerned about a digital ID or worse, a digital currency. We need to remove all Illegal Aliens that came in under the Biden Administration. The mass invasion (e.g., migration) has nothing to do with Climate Change and everything to do with imposing slavery on every country… Read more »

John Dunlap

I tried to warn the folks at Numbers USA of the danger for three years. I finally gave up and walked away from the group.


Please elaborate on your concerns over E-Verify as a Trojan Horse. I ran for Congress (1996) on a platform including a 20 year moratorium on Legal/Illegal Immigration. In 1997 the E-Verify system began but it is not used universally (unfortunately). Perhaps this is because both parties are financed by mega corporations that want Open Border to continue: to get more democrat voters, to put downward pressure on the cost of labor. You can find my full post (above) but here is how I see it: So long as E-Verify is not linked to a digital ID I’m for it 100… Read more »


You’re not understanding the last sentence.”We” should not have allowed illegal border crossing to begin with, and once that has been done “we” need to remove all those here illegally. E-verify is a way to shove the responsibility onto employers and try to force them to be police. Law enforcement is trying to do this in many situations. Instead of enforcing the laws, they load down the average law-abiding citizen with more and more regulations or worse, put people in a situation where they are forced to try to defend themselves because police won’t do it. At first it’s only… Read more »

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Don’t care,if it keeps the wetbacks from working then have at it.

things that make you go hmmm

I wonder what prostitutes and drug dealers will do under e-verify and CBDC? Perhaps that’s why they want to make such things legal?

[…] E-Verify Is Trojan Horse For Digital Tyranny […]