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Ratman: Human Brain Cells Grown In Rats

Technocrats invent because they can, not because they have a mandate to do so. Mixing and matching genes and cells from different species is the end result of synthetic biology with no ethical or moral restraints. Worse, most of these scientists are paid with taxpayer money to keep their labs spewing out frankenspecies.

Training AI: Fake Data Is Cheaper Than Real Data

Technocrats have always been addicted to data, but now there is not enough real-world data to satisfy the lust for more. The answer? Create fake data that is “synthesized” by other AI programs to be fed into other prime AI algorithms that are being “trained” for certain outcomes. So, is fake data really better than real data? You decide.

Biden Uses Executive Order To Institutionalize Eugenics, Transhumanism

Biden’s National Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing Initiative¬†is a complete capitulation of our government to Big Pharma, the biotechnology industry and the entire transhuman cabal that wants to create Humanity 2.0 by changing our genetic structure. Unfortunately, this is nothing more than a continuation and expansion of the eugenics movement from the 1930s.

Stupid Personified: Collect And Bury CO2 With 1,300 Mile Pipeline

This is a story of citizen resistance to the insanity of burying carbon dioxide, disrupting large swaths of farming operations and seriously harming local growth of plants that require CO2 for photosynthesis. These policies are anti-human and anti-civilization because CO2 is as important as is the oxygen we breath. The pressure for human depopulation rests on this same premise: humans exhale CO2.

Military Creates Its Own Metaverse, Seeks Digital Twin Of Earth

A digital twin is a digital representation of a real-world entity or system. The civilian metaverse will not require exact representation of the real world, but the military will. Thus, battles can be fought in the military metaverse with total precision and acclimation. Ultimately, the military is seeking a complete digital twin of the entire planet.

Corbett: Technocracy Is Insane, Anti-Human And It WILL Fail

James Corbett is exactly right and for the right reasons: Technocracy is a pipe dream. As gravity is a law that cannot be ignored, things fall to the ground whether they wish to or not, so will Technocracy fall back to the law of reality in due time. In the meantime, Technocrats and Transhumans can do a lot of damage to humanity and civilization. For those who see the train wreck coming, #WalkAwayFromTechnocracy.