Professor: If Robots Get Consciousness, They Likely Would Enslave Humans

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Technocrats claim they are all about the Scientific Method and being ‘evidence-based’ but then they spend much of their time in pure speculation about the future – which many people then take as evidence of reality. This is circular reasoning at its worst. To understand the mind of a Technocrat, listen to the entire video by Ray Kurzweil as he presents a major discussion to the elitist Council on Foreign Relations. ⁃ TN Editor

Some scientists are lauding the rapid development of artificial intelligence but others fear their progress will prove fatal.

Expert opinion is split on the possibility of AI developing consciousness, which some warn could be used by machines to rebel against humans and kill us.

Now we can exclusively reveal how they might do it, and it would truly turn evolution on its head.

Subhash Kak – a Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Oklahoma University – says that if robots developed a consciousness similar to ours, they would likely use human beings as slaves.

The author told Daily Star Online: “If indeed machines become self-aware, they will be cunning and they will bide their time and choose the best moment to take over and enslave, if not kill, us.”

His comments come after a debate tore through the science community about what defines human consciousness, and whether or not this can ever be achieved by robots.

Kak does not believe they will develop this ability because of the unique nature of human consciousness, although he has warned of their potential if they did.

However, he concedes that the majority of scientists and physicists do believe the terrifying prospect of a robot takeover will become a very real threat.

Kak told us: “If you believe that machines will become ‘conscious’ like us, then the possibility that such machines will kill off humans cannot be ruled out.

“I personally don’t believe that machines will become conscious and self-aware like we are and so we need not worry.

“But most computer scientists and physicists don’t agree with my position. They think there is nothing to consciousness but computation.

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This is spot on.. IF you think this is a fantasy then you’re sadddddlllyyyyyy mistaken.. Look @ Star Trek,, There’s the mirror of society in 400 years..


I thought that a lack of conscious was the common denominator of slave holders.

Jim Reinhart
Jim Reinhart

And who wrote the software for these “conscious” beings? Quack science is now mainstream and most believe what they hear, which is what they want to hear. A model of reality is not a life form but just what it states, a model.