June 29, 2016

Predictive Analysis ‘Crystal Ball’ To Employ Digital DNA Avatar

The ultimate data collection model about you will include your DNA, activities, personality, lifestyle factors, etc. iCarbonX declares its “intention of recommending tailored wellness programs, food choices and possibly prescription medicines.” To the extent that your avatar exists in the computing ether, you will be micro-managed like cattle in a feed lot, until the day you die. Remember that China has been a Technocracy since at least 1995, and so Technocrats are encouraged to think this way.

Sony To Create Emotional Robot That Bonds With Humans

Technocrats have a hard time distinguishing between humans and machines. Both are just buckets of atoms arranged in different ways, so why shouldn’t a human be able to bond with inanimate objects? If there is any bonding, however, it will be trickery and not reality because – duh – robots can only pretend to feel.

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