September 7, 2016


The Green Pope And The Catholic Rebellion

Pope Francis is a Technocrat and is pushing for Technocracy as hard as people like George Soros and Al Gore. You don’t have to be Catholic to appreciate the growing rebellion against Pope Francis for his complete departure from orthodox Catholicism. As this article concludes, the Pope is seen as ‘insane’ and doing things that have nothing whatsoever to do with traditional, historic Catholicism.

United Nations Commissioner Warns Of Weaponized ‘Populism’, Bashes Wilders, Trump, Farage

As the UN tries to convert the world into Technocracy, using the guise of Utopian goals, it is paramount to understand that Technocrats view people as cattle to be managed as in a feed lot. They don’t care what real people think or want. Now that their goals are being seriously threatened, the gloves are coming off and war is being threatened against the very people they claim to be ‘helping.’