August 2023

UNconventional Grey: The Missing Link Between Geo-Engineering And Climate Change

This documentary was produced by the late film-maker Michael J. Murphy before his death. It wasn’t discovered until seven years later. I did an extended interview for this documentary and then promptly forgot about it, figuring that nothing came of it. This is a explosive link between geo-engineering and the UN’s Climate Change agenda. Please watch to the end and then share!

The Silicon Valley Technocrats Who Want to Build a City From Scratch

These billionaire Technocrats apparently see the need to separate themselves from society. This a troubling trend. Several other “technates” have been previously announced and are scattered around the world. These are not just mere “smart cities” but rather for Technocrats’ own occupation. Technocrats build where is no mandate to do so.

Biden To Fund New Covid-19 Vaccine “For Everybody”

Big Pharma (Pfizer, Novavax and Moderna) will apparently let the Government pay for another round of vaccines. Will you be willing to play Russian Roulette with this mRNA shot? TN warned when the mRNA craze started that these shots wouldn’t end because the goal was genetic engineering and had nothing with health.

Has Humanity Violated God’s Boundaries In Pursuit Of Science?

Some religious scholars are asking the right ethical questions, even though they may not have the all the right answers. But this definitely has a ring the truth to it: “We are toying with the building blocks of the world God created… Yet there are limits to human creativity. There are basic boundaries of nature we aren’t meant to encroach upon.”

Central Bank Gold Demand Soars To New All-Time High

The largest gold holdings of the top six Central Banks in the world are, in tonnes: US (6,133), Germany (3,352), Italy (2,451), France (2,436), Russian Federation (2,329) and China (2,113). The UK only has 310 tonnes of gold but China is expected to keep another 2-3,000 tonnes of gold off its official books, potentially making it the largest holder in the world.

The Coming Death Throes Of Capitalism And Free Market Economics

Technocracy cannot flourish until capitalism and free market economics die a permanent death. Thus, there is an unprecedented moral hazard to give Humpty Dumpty a good push off the wall. The Great Reset, Sustainable Development, Green New Deal, etc., are all positioned to destroy our prevailing economic system.

Resistance Isn’t Futile: The Global Rejection Of CBDCs

This insightful article only misses the key point that Central Banks are privately owned and not government institutions. There are only 214 central banks in the world, each serving only one client, that is, the host nation. The CBDC steamroller emanates from the central bank for central banks, the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland.

Warfare: Cyberattack Launched Against Hospitals Across U.S.

Cybercriminals continue to be blamed as the primary actors in cyberattacks, but any logical analysis reveals the massive scale of these attacks would absolutely require institutional support. The U.S. intel community could certainly identify the geographical and organizational source of these attacks, yet choose to cover up the tracks by feigning unknown cybercriminals.