Android Apps Secretly Track Users By Listening To Inaudible Sounds Hidden In Ads

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Advertisers embed sound markers in their ads that can be secretly ‘heard’ by other apps. Thus, users are being tracked and analyzed and have absolutely no clue of their loss of privacy. There are now over 200 such apps that have been identified. This practice should be immediately outlawed and subject to criminal prosecution. Technocrats have no conscience about using technology to skirt the intent and/or letter of the law.  TN Editor

An increasing number of Android applications are attempting to track users without their knowledge, according to a new report.

Over recent years, companies have started hiding “beacons”, ultrasonic audio signals inaudible to humans, in their adverts, in order to track devices and learn more about their owners.

Electronic devices equipped with microphones can register these sounds, allowing advertisers to uncover their location and work out what kind of ads their owners watch on TV and which other devices they own.

The technique can even be used to de-anonymise Tor users.

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John Dunlap
John Dunlap

I’m experiencing burn out. This sort of thing no longer shocks, surprises, or even generates outrage. Just a resigned, cold anger, and renewed resolve to continue pushing back. You know, sharks can track prey by the faint radio signals given off by their nervous systems. The human nervous system also emits electromagnetic signals. I would imagine that the neuromuscular “signature” of every individual is unique in some way. I will not be at all surprised WHEN it is revealed that we’ve been tracked and identified by “passive neuromuscular emission detection.” I made up that term, but I’m sure the tech… Read more »