Agenda 21

Bike-Crazy Oregon Riders Enraged Over First Bicycle Tax In Nation

Driving people out of their cars and onto bicycles has been an Agenda 21 plank that Oregon has fully embraced since 1992 . Now its the bikers who are getting a look at the other side of the knife blade as a new excise tax will ding every new purchaser, and they are livid. They are too used to having their cake and eating it too.

Kiss Idaho Goodbye: Another Major Land Takeover

We might have expected President Trump to stop the massive land grab in the west, but remember that he is a real estate mogul first. Idaho may soon become a mere shadow of its former self. The scam of Sustainable Development (aka Technocracy) is Grab all the Resources.

Flashback: Rick Perry Tied To Agenda 21, Globalist Policies

Terry Hall is a legendary Texan who successfully fought against George Bush’s globalist plan to create a North American Union, which was first to be realized by the “trans-Texas corridor”. Rick Perry was Governor of Texas at the time, and he fought true conservatives and anti-Agenda 21 patriots tooth and nail to finish the corridor. Now Perry is Secretary of Energy, which is key to America’s infrastructure.