Day 7: China Is A Technocracy

The evidence supports the analysis: China is a full-blown Technocracy and the first of its kind on planet earth, thanks to the clever manipulation and support of Western elites like the Trilateral Commission.

Prelude to Day 7: China Is The World’s First Technate

This is an in-depth (7,800 word) and must-read analysis of China’s journey from Communism to Technocracy, a much more natural system for China’s history and culture. Misreading China’s current state of existence is to misread the greatest threat the world has ever seen, yet is the least-spoken of. No, China isn’t the threat, our own governments are striving to recreate the China experience, especially in the U.S.

Day 3: Technocracy In Europe And America

Having entrenched themselves into an unmovable power structure, these Technocrats are now killing off democracy, free enterprise and Capitalism in order to implement the economic system of Technocracy known as Sustainable Development or Green Economy.

Day 1: We Were Warned About Technocracy

This is Day One of my “Twelve Days of Christmas” series of articles, where I will reflect on Technocracy, Technocrats, historical and modern influences and future directions. Please reflect slowly and deliberately on each day.

China Is The Pied Piper Of Global Technocracy

China’s zero-Covid lockdowns may be little more than theatrics to further Technocracy in the world. The author concludes, “A system neither communist nor capitalist, but absorbing the worst vices of whilst purging the virtues. Zero Covid is just China working as the other side of the scissors.” When human lives mean nothing, sacrificing them for gaining an objective is par for the course.