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More Calls For Direct Technocracy In America As Democracy Falters

This article casts Patrick Wood as a  “conspiracy theory propagandist” who “indicts technocrats as leaders in globalist plots to control the masses.” This is the same technique used in the 1970s to deflect analysis of the Trilateral Commission. This is a must-read article that shows the nexus between populism and Technocracy, which will make way for full-blown Technopopulism in America.


Xi Jinping: China Must Lead Way For Global Governance

Technocracy in China is going to be exported to the entire world in the form of ‘governance’. This is the science of social engineering, and it has already blanketed China with ubiquitous surveillance and manipulation through social credit scoring. Technocrat and global scholar Parag Khanna predicted, ”We are building this global society without a global leader. Global order is no longer some-thing that can be dictated or controlled from the top down. Globalization is itself the order.”

U.S. Lawmakers Press Facebook Over Chinese Data Sharing

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is fluent in Mandarin Chinese and culture, and had no problem in negotiating the sale of personal data to Chinese companies. Technocracy transcends national borders and cultural differences because it is the same science and technology that works everywhere. In Facebook’s instance, “follow the data, follow the power.”

Researchers Believe That Their AI Can Predict The Future

Technocrats are fascinated with knowing the future. The father of Technocracy and Scientism, Henri De Saint-Simon (1760-1825) wrote “A scientist, my dear friends, is a man who foresees; it is because science provides the means to predict that it is useful, and the scientists are superior to all other men.”

The Deep State Of Data: How To Protect Personal Information

One company’s solution to escaping Technocracy’s scientific dictatorship of data is creating false identities for private online activity such as email, phone calls and browsing. While this may prevent some misuse of your personal data, maintaining multiple identities risks losing your real identity as an individual human being. While we need encryption in the short run, we need to dismantle the technocratic machine that seeks to control us.

From Brussels To Silicon Valley: Coping With The Failures Of Technocratic Rule

The siren call of Technocracy that lures the heart of mankind is the promise of direct personal involvement in all affairs of society. However, this is NOT democracy nor will it ever deliver what is promised. The technocratic corporate world is as dictatorial, regimented, controlled and micromanaged as any political regime in history, and it could care less what people (or employees) think

Like Edward Bellamy, Looking Backward From 2050 In Spain

Technocracy in Europe is assured, as is clearly understood by many observers. This dehumanized future scenario in Spain is depicted by a professor of EU Constitutional Law in Santiago. Lured into delusion, “Information overload and a myriad of data-sets have made people incapable of discerning for themselves absent official guidance true from false, right from wrong, while the real and reality faded from the public mind decades ago.”

The Historical Domination Of Technocrats In The Philippines

The Philippines was one of the first areas to embrace Technocrat government, beginning with Ferdinand Marcos martial rule from 1972-1986. Current President Duterte has also stacked his administration with Technocrats as well, keeping the hegemony alive. Technocrats and dictatorships more amicably coexist because both hate politicians and the political process.

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