Chicago Tunnel: Elon Musk’s Breakthrough Or Pipe Dream?

Elon Musk’s popularity and constant appearance in headlines across America is proof that America still loves Technocrats and Technocracy. Musk’s grandfather was the head of Canada’s Technocracy, Inc. during the 1930s and 1940s, when north America had over 500,000 dues-paying members. The hallmark of Technocracy has always been hype and Musk has certainly mastered that art.

How The Radicals Of ’68 Became The Technocrats Of ’18

“The university has remained a training ground for the technocratic elite. Only, it now produces more Sarah Jeongs than it does Robert McNamaras—more tech-savvy identitarians than weapons-hurling establishmentarians. The substance has shifted; the forms and instrumental functions have not.”

Advocacy Advertising: Another Slick Social Engineering Tool Of Technocracy

Technocracy is all about social engineering. Advocacy Advertising (AA) is a tool to generate sales by promoting a particular opinion, such as political, social, economic or scientific. Such ads seek to influence public opinion for the self-interest of the advertiser. Conceptually, AA is closely related to the Nudge theory of behavioral science which uses positive reinforcement and indirect suggestions to influence behavior. Both are tools of social engineering, and skillfully practiced by Technocrats in all professions.

Rich Technocrats Planning Doomsday Escape To New Zealand Bunkers

The super-rich like Peter Theil and Sam Altman, have packed their bug-out bags and are ready to flee to their underground hideaways in New Zealand on a moment’s notice. They expect and fear Armageddon and are taking every precaution to save their own skins, even though they are all complicit in the future we don’t want.