Derrick Broze Exposes The Technocratic State With Patrick Wood

Author and researcher Derrick Broze absolutely nails Technocracy to the wall. This is Chapter 13 of his book, How to Opt-Out of the Technocratic State, and is accompanied by an excellent 34 documentary that explains every facet, from the 1930s through today. This is a must-read article and a must-view documentary. Please share widely.

C.S. Lewis Foresaw Dystopian Technocracy Based On Scientism

Several people in the 1900s foresaw where society was headed. C.S. Lewis was one of them. His book, That Hideous Strength, describes “a literal pact with the devil at the highest reaches of the technocracy, but at the same time a mechanism whereby the larger system remains defiantly bland and normal-seeming, and only a crazy person would ever think there’s anything hidden at the heart.”

Technocracy’s Control Matrix Starts And Stops With BIS, Central Banks

In my book, The Evil Twins of Technocracy and Transhumanism, the chapter “Who Is Driving This Train” definitively concludes that the central banks, with the BIS sitting at the apex, are the primary forces behind the hoaxes of global warming and the pandemic. Why hoaxes? To drive the world into full-blown Technocracy and away from capitalism and free market economics.

Technocracy’s Control Freak Agenda Is Rapidly Moving Forward

While Snyder correctly picks out 8 evidences of globalist agenda, he does not recognize Technocracy as the driving force. Technocracy’s evil and twisted agenda is behind all efforts to digitize humanity and to create a universal financial system. The ultimate result will be a global social credit scoring system that will either include or exclude you, depending on your behavior. Resist. Reject. Refute.

UN’s Vision Of The Future: An “Apex body” And Digital ID To Rule Us All

The UN sponsored the “High-level Panel on Digital Cooperation”, co-chaired by Melinda Gates of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and, Jack Ma, creator of China’s Social Credit Scoring system. This group of arch-Technocrats is deciding the future of mankind: total digitalization and total control. This love-fest of global oligarchs must be repudiated at every level.