Mercola: Social Engineering Is Central To Technocrat Control

The Technocracy movement defined itself in 1938 as the “Science of Social Engineering”. The fact that the entire planet is being driven by fear to a predetermined outcome is defensible evidence that it is Technocrats who are currently in control. Want to see this more clearly? Ditch the fear and look around.

How Technocracy Is Using Unseen Enemies To Panic The World

I stated in early 2020 that the Great Panic of 2020 (read, “pandemic’) was the start of Technocracy’s coup d’état. It was global in scope, horribly damaging to the global economy and ripped the fabric of societal status quo to shreds. All of this was supposedly caused by an unseen enemy.

Memorial Day 2025: Back To The Future

In 2025, just 4 short years from now, America will stumble across yet another Memorial Day weekend and reflect on wars fought, soldiers and civilians killed and the nature of freedoms that were preserved or lost. They will all rue the day that Technocracy, aka Scientific Dictatorship, took over the world.