Technocracy: The Operating System For The New International Rules-Based Order

The wrenching transformation of the World Economic Forum’s Fourth Industrial Revolution can be called many things for now, but in the end it will be Technocracy that controls what is left of the current world system. This is a reality that must be stated over and over, a thousand times at maximum volume, before the rest of the world gets the big picture and soundly rejects it.

The Technocrat Mind: iFarm Fish On Way To Market

To understand the mind of a Technocrat, substitute the word “human” for “fish” in this press release, e.g., “which has resulted in important experiences regarding the camera arrangement, lighting, and data processing to enable a health record for each fish human, e.g., ‘Checking the fish humans in real time with cameras from multiple angles opens up to tell more about each fish human, but at the same time it requires a lot from the software and hardware solutions we develop.'”

Chinese Scholar Declares The Benefits Of Technocracy In China

The Beijing-based author is an apologist for Technocracy in China and explores all the right historical contexts to conclude: “Technocracy is a better and fairer use of power than any other hierarchical system… a better way to confront social problems than authoritarian politics divorced from technical expertise.” As such, President Xi is supremely qualified to lead the way.

What Drives The Mind Of A Technocrat?

Technocracy News & Trends has posted several articles over the years on the Technocrat mind, such as Mind of a Technocrat: The Post Human World and The Technocrat Mind: Pfizer’s Unconscionable Crimes, Past and Present. Here is another writer trying to sort it out and it adds an fresh perspective.