United Nations Commissioner Warns Of Weaponized ‘Populism’, Bashes Wilders, Trump, Farage

As the UN tries to convert the world into Technocracy, using the guise of Utopian goals, it is paramount to understand that Technocrats view people as cattle to be managed as in a feed lot. They don’t care what real people think or want. Now that their goals are being seriously threatened, the gloves are coming off and war is being threatened against the very people they claim to be ‘helping.’

Royal Navy Launches Robot Spy Speedboat, Not Armed Yet

As reported before, the modern global military arms race is about autonomous warfare that relies on robotic ships, drones and firepower. While the UK says these speedboats are currently unarmed, they also talk about their use in defensive maneuvers that would require lethal force.

China’s Technocrat Threat: ‘When Trade Stops, War Comes’

Technocrats at the G20 enclave being held in China, are issuing direct threats to anti-globalization citizens of the world: Back off, or else! While they are hiding behind the buzzword ‘trade’, they are pointedly defending their brand of globalization, which is Technocracy.If citizens saw this in these terms, they would increase their protest by an order of magnitude