House Climate Chair Calls For Google To Censor ‘Climate Deniers’

Kathy CastorWikimedia Commons, by Representative Kathy Castor
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Shame on Rep. Kathy Castor (D-FL), who is chairperson of the House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis. She demands that Google censor videos that promote “climate denial and climate misinformation.” What happened to the First Amendment, Kathy? ⁃ TN Editor

The chair of the House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis was accused Wednesday of censorship after calling on Google to take action against YouTube videos that promote “climate denial and climate misinformation.”

Rep. Kathy Castor, Florida Democrat, asked Google in a Monday letter to remove “climate disinformation videos” from YouTube’s “recommendation algorithm,” demonetize videos that promote “harmful misinformation,” and correct the record for those exposed to such “misinformation.”

“YouTube has been driving millions of viewers to climate misinformation videos every day, a shocking revelation that runs contrary to Google’s important missions of fighting misinformation and promoting climate action,” said Ms. Castor, who requested a response by Feb. 7.

Google, which owns YouTube, has yet to comment publicly, but climate skeptics were outraged, charging the congresswoman with attempting to shut down debate on climate policy by silencing dissenting voices, no matter how knowledgeable about climate science.

“Rep. Castor’s demand that Google pull down climate skeptic YouTube videos because she doesn’t approve of their content says a lot about the totalitarian instincts of the climate movement,” said JunkScience’s Steve Milloy.

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Anybody who still doubts there is a corporate/political oligarchy running the world is living in cloud cuckoo land, as this appalling bid to silence dissent against the climate change catastrophe orthodoxy shows all too clearly. The autocratic Chinese model of total population control which is the globalists’ wet dream is starting to spread through the West as insidiously and inexorably as the latest Corona virus inflicted on the world by the Communist dictatorship. Unfortunately there is no vaccine against the elite’s nefarious agenda. We just have to start fighting back with every weapon at our disposal. Otherwise an Orwellian future… Read more »


Start government sponsored censorship and that will be the tipping point into a revolution…hopefully without the usual civil war.

Our founders wrote the Constitution with these Authoritarian types in mind.

Evil that thinks it’s good is still evil.


And now the Question: who is standing up against this blatant act of this arrogant Democrat?
It seems there is no government anymore in Florida. Everybody can do as he likes.
And the people of Florida are the biggest sinners. Why? Well, they are stimulating this kind of behaviour of the speaker of the house in Florida by doing nothing!

First Amendment?
You better check if it is still there.

david brackin
david brackin

this is a world wide problem different here in Australia,same agenda different country.