Food Systems

Amazon Opens First Completely Automated Grocery Store

Amazon Go stores will spread throughout the continent, but shoppers had better beware that every conceivable move they make will be recorded and analyzed. This includes your mood, how long you look at an item, it you pick it up and put it back, and all other metrics of your shopping trip. Of course, they know exactly who you are because it is tied to your smart phone, and they can apply any other public data about you to your profile.

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Technocrats See Engineered Crops As Only Path To Solve Global Hunger

Technocracy is the ‘science of social engineering’ where the only solution to any problem is science itself. Thus, Technocrats will eagerly – and permanently – modify the germline of major food crops in order to feed the world. How will testing be accomplished? Well, there will be no testing. Technocrats see little need for testing when they deem the science to be ‘settled’.