Jeff Bezos And Crony Technocrats Gather To Envision Utopia At MARS

MARS – Machine learning, Automation, Robotics, and Space exploration is Jeff Bezos brainchild to envision the ‘Golden Age’ and only a selected few are invited to attend. This is a gathering of global Technocrats, whose collective influence are far beyond observation and into causation. They can make things happen whether society wants it or not.

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Kuora: Why Do Technocrats Dominate China’s Political Elite?

This written from within China, and states what I have been claiming for several years now. Zbigniew Brzezinski brought China into the economic mainstream in 1978 and wrote that communism was a natural stepping-stone to achieve what he termed the “Technetronic Era”, which was basically Technocracy. China is, in fact, a Technocracy and if the world wants to contain China’s ambitions, they had better wake up to this fact.