Sci-Fi Writer Predicts That Robots Will Outnumber Humans As Early As 2040

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TN Note: Robots are emerging as a dominant meme to Technocracy. Because they can build them, they will. However, the societal impact will be beyond profound. Remember the 1938 definition of Technocracy that it “is the science of social engineering, the scientific operation of the entire social mechanism to produce and distribute goods and services to the entire population.”

There will be as many robots as there are humans within the next 24 to 39 years, according to a blog post published yesterday by a writer who is penning a new science fiction novel.

Logan Streondj, a software programmer and author, wanted to figure out when the population of robots will reach that of humans for his book titled “A home for robots or-else artilect war.”

Streondj used a variety of sources to determine the date. First, he turned to statistics website World Counts, which states there are roughly 350 thousand humans born every day, the equivalent of 130 million a year. The growth rate is around 1%.

Then he turned to the International Federation of Robotics, which states there were about five million robots produced in 2014 (when combining service and industrial robots), with a growth rate of around 15%.

“Using a compound interest calculator and presuming rates stay relatively constant, [it’s possible to] figure out that in around 25 years (2040) parity will be reached — the number of robots and humans being produced per year will be the same,” wrote Streondj on the Joyful Lifestyle Cooperative blog.

“However, while homo-sapiens live on average 70 years, according to World Fact Book, robots have a life expectancy closer to 10 years, so would need to produce about seven times more robots per year in order to have the same number as humans which will be reached in the early 2050s. If, however, there is no assistance from humans fighting for the entitlements of robots, and the robots are forced to revolt by themselves, likely they would do so when outnumbering humans 10 to 1, which would (assuming trends continue) be in 55 years, or around 2070.”

A robot can be defined as a machine capable of carrying out a complex series of actions automatically, especially one programmable by a computer, according to Oxford Dictionairies.

Streondj said he needed to come up with a realistic timeline for when a conflict could occur between humans and robots.

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