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Food Wars: ‘The Dark Cult Of Davos Is Trying To Destroy These Farmers’

If Tiananmen Square was a global wake up call on ruthless totalitarianism, then Dutch Farmers are trying to wake up the world on the war against humanity perpetrated by the United Nations, the World Economic Forum, etc. Collectively, the world is facing another Holodomor event where tens of millions could die from starvation.

Nazi Albert Speer’s Final Nuremberg Statement On Technocracy

Hitler relied on Technocrats to prosecute his war machine that conquered nations and executed his “final solution” to get rid of genetically impure segments of society. His ultimate goal was to create a master race of super humans to live in an environmentally reset ecology. Albert Speer was sentenced to 20 years at Nuremberg for his role in Nazi Germany

Farmer Bill Continues To Gobble Up American Farm Land

Bill Gates has no benevolent bone in his body, so why is he loading up on American farmland? The manufactured food crisis has been in development for several years, giving him plenty of time to position himself for maximum return: When food prices skyrocket, as they are now, Gates will reap a windfall.

Transhuman: Is Humanity 2.0 The New ‘Master Race’?

Over the next two years, I predict that the intersection of historical and modern research on Transhumanism will reveal a plethora of comparisons between modern Transhumanism and Hitler’s Aryan “master race”. What Hitler could not achieve with selective breeding, sterilizing and extermination, can now be easily achieved through gene editing.

Flashback: Social Credit And The Dark Side Of Blockchain

Technocrat Jack Dorsey recently resigned from Twitter’s dystopian culture to immerse himself full-time into the bitcoin and blockchain technology world in order to “reset the internet” (Web 3.0) and decentralize traditional global structures. Dorsey’s dystopian touch will expose blockchain as the ultimate system of total control.

Telosa: A Technocratic City In The Making

Utopia, aka Technocracy, by any other name is still Utopia and not one single attempt to built it has ever succeeded. Yet,  the billionaire class continue the myth by promoting new efforts on virtually ever continent on earth. Telosa is the latest iteration to build a city from the ground up to model their dreams.