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Interviews with acclaimed expert Patrick Wood that explain exactly what Technocracy is, where it came from, who is working to achieve it, and more. Topics discussed include Sustainable Development, Agenda 21, Green Economy, the Trilateral Commission, globalization and the global elite.

Sit back and relax while you watch. The first three videos are one hour each.

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Patrick Wood on The Mind Renewed with Julian Charles (UK)

Patrick Wood on various shows

Debbie Bacigalupi on various shows

4 Comments on "Media"

  1. Having this information has helped so much fall in to place for me. I feel a lot more grounded and coherent in my perspective of politics–especially understanding the current viral panic that’s been set into motion. Thank you so much!

  2. Patrick.
    I watched an explanation from an Evangelist explaining the evil policies of liberals and how many of them are not nice. But what stuck in my mind is this

    A vote for a democrat is a vote for killing babies and taxpayer money going to Planned Parenthood. Apparently Democrat voters do not think about this and Republican politicians should consider talking a lot about this. over 37000 abortions per year on black women. Margaret Sanger was pro abortion and pro eugenics which is pure racism against black people. So when you look squarely at this you have actual murder of babies as well as racism trying to reduce the black population. Who actually are the real racists then? Little talk of this aspect. Not sure Democrat voters are even aware of what they support.

    • Yes, but neither are Republicans who have had ample opportunities to defund Planned Parenthood over the years but did not. Abortion is totally evil and always has been, but this one has been tolerated.

  3. Patrick,
    I agree with you on some issues and others I do not. I agree that what was known one time as the Elite Northeastern establishment basically headed by the CFR and David Rockefeller was bad but I fail to see how abortion is all bad. If abortion was outlawed the only people that would be affected would be the lower classs. Those that had the finances would just get on a plane and head to europe or someplace else to have it performed.
    I have always seen things as the upper Class and then everyone else- not as liberal vs Conservative. As long as wee continue to divide people by using the antiquated terms Liberalvs Conservative we are all going to loose.
    Just a little food for thought

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