September 2, 2020

Shock: Tennessee Technocrats Plan ‘Wellbeing Checks’ For All Children

The carefully orchestrated Great Panic of 2020, aka pandemic, has unleashed horrific programs at the hands of techno-tyrants who have seized the opportunity to transform society. Tennessee officials want to invade every home in the state to interview children for “wellbeing”, even in the absence of their parents. “Wellbeing” is defined by the state, not by the parents.

Grounded: Delta Bans Travelers Who Refuse To Wear Masks

A Delta flight from Detroit turned around after some passengers removed their masks in-flight and then refused to put them back on. It has now created a “no-fly list” for such cantankerous travelers who will not be allowed on any Delta flight in the future. Will refusing to wear a face mask soon be equated to terrorism?