September 16, 2020

Chinese Virologist Whistleblower: China Made It, Turned It Loose

The testimony of Chinese virologist Dr. Li-Meng Yan states that China made the COVID-19 virus and intentionally released it to cause harm to the rest of the world. Since China is a Technocracy, it is complicit in the goals of Technocracy, namely, the destruction of Capitalism and Free Enterprise.

Yelp Data: 60% Of Pandemic Closures Are Now Permanent

The Technocrat-led Great Panic of 2020 has created outright genocide among small business in America. Small businesses account for 80% of overall jobs in America, and as a mainstay of employment, took decades to develop: Now destroyed in mere months.

The Pandemic Zombiefication Of European Businesses

The Great Panic of 2020 is taking its toll on European businesses as companies that are like the “walking dead” are not foreclosed because banks cannot afford to write off the bad debts, lest they also be declared bankrupt. The real carnage is yet to come.