AI To Read, Understand And Comment On News Stories

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TN Note: I love the closing statement here: “If you’re not careful, your AI system will think Obama was born in Kenya.” If an AI program can figure this out, then why not humans? Now the global elite will have to figure out how to not only sensor the news but also  the programs that analyze the news.

Soon you could be chatting with your computer about the morning news. An AI has learned to read and answer questions about a news article with unprecedented accuracy.

Creating AI systems that can learn in the background from humanity’s existing stores of information is one of the big goals of computer science. “Computers don’t have the kind of general knowledge and common sense of how the world works [from reading] about things in novels or watch[ing] sitcoms,” says Chris Manning at Stanford University.

To get a step closer to this, last year, Google’s DeepMind team used articles from the Daily Mail website and CNN to help train an algorithm to read and understand a short story. The team used the bulleted summaries at the top of these articles to create simple interpretive questions that trained the algorithm to search for key points.

Now a group led by Manning has designed an algorithm that beat DeepMind’s results by an impressive 10 per cent on the CNN articles and 8 per cent for Daily Mail stories. It scored 70 per cent overall.

The improvement came through streamlining the DeepMind model.  “Some of the stuff they had just causes needless complications,” says Manning. “You get rid of that and the numbers go up.”

Design trade-off

“It makes sense,” says Robert Frederking of Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. “Making something more complicated doesn’t make it better.”

There’s a trade-off in AI design: if an algorithm is complex, it’s more powerful, but to perform well it needs more data to learn from, says Frederking. Simpler AI can train quickly with smaller amounts of data.

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Stop time travel,before syfy tv series “12 monkeys”, becomes like year 2044. Substitute 2044 for today.


It said that computers don’t have the general knowledge and common sense necessary to figure things out on their own and they have to rely on algorithms. I’m not too sure that Al Gore or his rhythms are gonna help em much and he sure didn’t have much general knowledge or common sense, even if he did invent the internet.