California Considers Expanding Cap-And-Trade To Prevent Global Deforestation

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TN Note: California views itself as the savior of the world. Somehow self-flagellation in California will change behavior of other people and systems all over the world. 

Deforestation accounts for approximately 15 percent of all global greenhouse gas emissions every year. The California Air Resources Board is considering allowing companies regulated under cap-and-trade to purchase carbon offsets to protect tropical forests. It’s based on the United Nation’s Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation program, or REDD. Some environmental groups says the program is fraught with problems.

“We believe that any type of trade program like this is very difficult to verify the offset credits, who’s managing the verification, what is the process for verifying whether the offsets are actually happening,” says Sandra Lupien with the environmental group Food and Water Watch.

She says it also allows businesses to control and profit off indigenous peoples’ lands. California is working with the Brazilian State of Acre and the Mexican State of Chiapas.

“The projects that we’re looking at are supported by the locals,” says Dave Clegern, a spokesman with the California Air Resources Board. “They are what is known as sector-based projects, which means that they would be run in conjunction with the government of that country which would provide the opportunity for regular monitoring, verification of the quality of the offsets.”

Several environmental groups support the program. It will likely take more than a year before the Air Board adopts any proposal.

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forest queen

Screw the U.N.

john Smith

Somebody give this data to the Federal Government EPA and BLM land development whom are performing (Controlled Burns) on the 1/3 of US national land that the BLM manages and maintains.

Most of that land is the Western Territory and that is where out of control National Forest fires have occured in the last 15 years.

They currently do these burns, killing any new tree growth that will repopulate of the future forest for our next generations to come.

Sounds like a conspiracy to me!!!

Look into it peoples.

EcoHubMap Deforestation Hotspots

California is not the only place on earth where mass tree-cutting is taking place. There are a large number of deforestation hotspots around the world where such a problem is pressing.