4th Industrial Revolution

Boston Dynamics Creates “Terrifying” Robot That Can Run, Jump And Climb

The results of Boston Dynamics inventions are fed back to the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to be used in creating super-soldiers that can dominate the battlefield. What could go wrong with that? It will also result in the complete domination of civilian populations as well. Both Boston Dynamics and DARPA are filled with Technocrats who invent because they can, not because there is an ethical reason for doing so.

Tech Giants Race To Create An Tech-Fueled Alternate Reality

Altered reality is one of the most dangerous technologies to loose on civilization because it has the documented ability to rewire the human brain in all sorts of ways. The reason is because it provides such a realistic image that it cannot be discerned to be false – and the brain accepts the images it sees as real.

China Completes 5G Autonomous Driving Test In Showcase Tech City

Technocracy in China works like this: President Xi Jinping personally directed the creation of the development zone, then his ‘government’ picked Baidu to conduct the driving tests. In addition, Baidu created a public-private partnership with the Xiongan local government. They are using a 5G wireless network environment for virtually instant communication.

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