4th Industrial Revolution

Ukraine War Continues Supply Chain Crisis After Pandemic

The destruction of the global supply chain continues unabated. This is essential to reduce the global economy to ashes prior to “building back better” after the Great Reset. The WEF’s new world order will have a radically redesigned supply chain as well as a redesigned monetary system; it will all be digital and based on blockchain.

New World Disorder And The Demise Of Capitalism

It is prevalent thinking that destructive economic policies are the result of bumbling politicians like Biden who “hasn’t got a clue that his ’empire is crumbling around him.” But in fact, the WEF Great Reset ideologues know exactly what they are doing to torch the existing global economy, making way for Technocracy.

Robot Trucks Could Replace 500K Jobs In U.S.

Crisis after crisis provides opportunities for Technocrats to advance their cause of automating everything in society. The twisted, illogical response to a 60,000 driver shortage is to displace¬† 500,000 workers with robot trucks. One robot maker exec says it’s “pretty exciting.”