Health Systems


Google Is Training AI To Predict When A Patient Will Die

‘Evidence-based medicine’ is already turning the medical profession upside-down and dehumanizing patient care, but the application of AI to predict treatment and outcomes is several orders of magnitude worse. If Google wrongly predicts your imminent demise, will treatment be pulled away to save money?

Scientists: CRISPR Gene Editing Might Cause Cancer

By nature, Technocrats are over-confident in their ability to to understand and solve everything. Their belief in science overreaches reality but has little concern for the people affected by it. In this case, real scientists recognize that the human genome is infinitely complex and true understanding of how it all works is merely a distant dream.

London Hospitals Begin To Replace Doctors And Nurses With AI

The problem is inefficient and inaccurate health care. The Technocrat answer to any problem is more technology. Note that AI is also being used to predict which patients will show up for their appointments. If the resulting program does not deliver the expected benefits, the claim will be that more data is needed.

Soldiers: Implantable Health Monitors And Robotic Surgeries

Robots are being deployed as fighting machines and as healing machines. While implantable monitors for warriors may seem sensible, is this the technology you want spread throughout society? It would not take much for government, insurance companies, HMO’s, etc., to mandate such devices to track your health 24×7.

Elderly To Be Cared For By Robots To Solve Staff Shortage

Technocrats believe they can use science and technology to solve any and every problem facing mankind, including caring for the elderly. After all, hiring robots is much cheaper than human staff, and robots don’t complain about working conditions. Families are more easily able to shirk their own responsibility for elderly parents. Is this the future we want?

Baby Alfie Evans Was A Victim Of The Technocracy

In due time, Technocracy in healthcare will touch everyone personally. The case of baby Alfie is a sign of things to come as Technocrats make sterile, ‘science-based’ decisions about who lives and dies, and what treatments you are allowed to receive.