Dentists: ‘Mask Mouth’ Can Lead To Strokes, Heart Attacks

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One dentist says,  “50% of his patients are suffering from negative health issues due to mask-wearing.” No, it’s not just about bad breath. Oral inflammation and excessive bacteria are well-known killers.  ⁃ TN Editor

Dentists are warning about the health issues tied to prolonged use of a mask to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

They said dental problems associated with “mask mouth,” including gum disease, could lead to serious complications.

“Gum disease — or periodontal disease — will eventually lead to strokes and an increased risk of heart attacks,” Marc Sclafani, a dentist and co-founder of One Manhattan Dental, told the New York Post about “mask mouth,” which is increasingly causing inflammation and gum disease among patients.

Another dentist and co-founder at One Manhattan Dental, Rob Ramondi, said 50% of his patients are suffering from negative health issues due to mask-wearing.

“We’re seeing inflammation in people’s gums that have been healthy forever, and cavities in people who have never had them before,” Ramondi said. “About 50% of our patients are being impacted by this, [so] we decided to name it ‘mask mouth’ — after ‘meth mouth.’”

“Meth mouth” is a term used to describe poor oral hygiene typically associated with chronic meth users.

The dentists said that the face coverings increase mouth dryness and contribute to a buildup of bad bacteria.

“People tend to breathe through their mouth instead of through their nose while wearing a mask,” Sclafani said. “The mouth breathing is causing the dry mouth, which leads to a decrease in saliva — and saliva is what fights the bacteria and cleanses your teeth.”

Sclafani suggested those who have no choice but to wear masks can drink more water, cut down on caffeine, snag a humidifier to moisten the air, use an alcohol-free mouthwash, scrape their tongue, and refrain from smoking.

Wearing face coverings to stem the spread of the coronavirus has become a contentious issue across the United States, with some states and cities imposing mandatory face mask requirements, while others have filed lawsuits to defy those precautions.

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More reason to brush your teeth!


..and NOT wear a retarded totally useless mask! Unless looking for a laundry list of adverse health effects like a totally weakened immune system and increased viral load if you do have anything in the spectrum of flu viruses.

just sayin

Oregon just threatened arrest for not complying to the governor’s orders, she said she was not ‘asking’ but ‘telling’ us that we will either get ticked by the police with a class C mis., or arrest if we will not comply beginning Nov. 18, which goes past Thanksgiving. She said since we did not obey. After this 2 week “freeze” she may apply an executive order to shut down the state! I just heard president Trump say after she spoke that he would not authorize a lockdown because it is harmful, but Kate Brown said, not so fast, I already… Read more »


Soooo I can get a nice mani-pedi, my hair all done up, go out to a restaurant or p/u take-out,.. all because that’s good for us, “keeps our spirits up,” but we can’t have indoor church services with more than 50 socially-distanced-masked people because somehow that’s not good ENOUGH for our spirits??

Lisa King

It’s also ILLEGAL, and a lawsuit should be brought against her, along with other governors who are abusing their authority! In fact, many lawsuits HAVE been filed against these lawbreakers.

just sayin

We had a judge did last time in May that over ruled her, and the Oregon Supreme Court reversed it. They have their judges in place, and the supreme court. All we can do is disobey and that is exactly what I am going to do. She is evil

Anonymous person

Ironic, isn’t it?
The aholes-that-be are ordering us to do everything possible to weaken our immune systems against c-word, and in the process force consequential diseases to emerge all in the name of… …. protecting our precious health.

just sayin

As they murder approx. 2,500 precious babies per day.