Health Systems


AI And The Future Of Medical Treatment

Technocrat practices have already taken over most of the medical industry with so-called ‘evidence-based’ treatments. IBM’s Watson program, for instance, claims better diagnosis and treatment of cancer than highly skilled physicians. We will soon be hearing, “The algorithm will see you now…”

‘Miracle Milly’: Dog Cloned 49 Times In Pointless Genetic Study

Scientists say they want to discover the DNA responsible for the dog’s small size, but in the process are perfecting cloning technology. This smacks of Huxley’s Brave New World (1932) where humans were cloned (doppelgängers) to fill particular classes of jobs in society; procreation outside of the laboratory was forbidden.

Altering Human Genetics Through Vaccinations

Just as a few Big Tech companies control media exposure on the earth, so to will a few Big Pharma companies control the genetic future of planetary citizens. Technocrats are outside of all ethical and moral bounds, bent on the ‘science of social engineering.”