New World Disorder And The Demise Of Capitalism

It is prevalent thinking that destructive economic policies are the result of bumbling politicians like Biden who “hasn’t got a clue that his ’empire is crumbling around him.” But in fact, the WEF Great Reset ideologues know exactly what they are doing to torch the existing global economy, making way for Technocracy.

Exposing Propaganda: The Vaccine For Liberty, Truth And Reason

Citizens for Free Speech did a deep dive into propaganda on Thursday, January 13th: What is it, how you can recognize it and what you can do about it. Guest presenters included Patrick Wood, Joshua Philipp of The Epoch Times and Alex Newman of The Sentinel Report. This presentation should be required viewing for all Americans.

Mercola: Yes, SARS-CoV-2 Is Real Virus

Mercola points out the importance and necessity of self-policing misinformation and disinformation about CARS-CoV-2 because unsubstantiated claims made by some simply adds fuel to the propaganda that claims all people who are concerned about COVID treatment and injection injuries are conspiracy theorists

Propaganda And the Fatal Attraction Of Technocratic-Fascism

Technocracy employs the ultimate mind scramble of cognitive dissonance by framing falsehoods as truth and then gaslighting  you into believing their “truth”. When the anchor of reality is removed, subjects can be fed an unending stream of lies and falsehoods until their brains are no longer capable of telling truth from error.

Breaking Down Medical ‘Fact-Checking’ Propaganda

Technocracy News & Trends readers should learn how to analyze “fact-check” or “debunking” stories that are frequently thrown in their face as “evidence” of ignorance and misapplication of otherwise real data. Here is a short analysis of one such article.