Davos Predicts Robots Could Soon Read Your Mind, And There Are No Laws Against It

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TN Note: The global elite meeting in Davos, Switzerland at the World Economic Forum have robots on their mind. Article after article has been written about various experts who are “testifying” on the future of robots. The race to roboticize the world is on.

Robots could soon be able to read your mind – and we won’t be able to stop them because there are no laws against it, experts claim.

If expert predictions come true, by 2030 smartphones, tablets and computers will be able to examine our brain activity to see what we are thinking.

Initially this will be used for security as a kind of ‘pass thought’ – the user thinks of a specific song or thought which the device recognises and then unlocks itself.

But a panel at the World Economic Forum, in Davos, warned of the terrifying possibility of hackers reading people’s innermost thoughts.

Nita Farahany, professor of Law and philosophy at Duke University, said: “Beyond two-factor idenitification…is using neural signatures – ‘pass thoughts’

“It turns out every person thinks quite differently about the same thing.

“So you could think like a song or a little ditty in your head while you are wearing a consumer based EEG device and then that, which has a unique neural signature, can be used as your pass code.

“It turns out that’s an incredibly effective, incredibly safe and almost impossible to replicate pass code, so there is discussion about using pass thoughts.”

She added: “Then you’ve got to really think about privacy.”

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Patricia Lentz

Jon Dean,
I have news for you, the government is already reading our minds. I have been the subject of a international terrorist group her in US, they have put a chip into my tooth. our govt is watching but doing nothing to stop this terror of Americans. Please check out my blog GraceofLiberty21.blogspot.com.