Edward Snowden Disguises Himself As A Robot To Speak At Consumer Electronics Show

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TN Note: Edward Snowden is the whistle-blower who opened up the NSA’s global spy operations for public scrutiny. Speaking remotely to the CES convention, his “avatar” robot paced the stage instead. He was safe because, as he said,  “The FBI can’t arrest a robot.” He says this type of technology can be used to subvert governments.

There are lots of people pitching fancy gadgets at the Consumer Electronics Show this week here. Add to that list: Edward Snowden.

The former National Security Agency contractor, famous for handing over western government secrets to the Guardian and other publications, made a virtual appearance at the Suitable Technologies booth here. This was possible because Snowden was speaking from Suitable’s Beam, a sort of roaming screen on wheels used for remote commuting and virtual meetings.

But Beam isn’t just another piece of office technology, Snowden said. Rather, it can be used to subvert governments.

“This is the power of Beam, or more broadly the power of technology,” he said in an onstage interview with Peter Diamandis, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur. “The FBI can’t arrest a robot.”

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The FBI can’t arrest a robot! Absolutely, “robots” can they be arrested? Probably not, so Ed may be helping the robot agenda, which anyone with an ounce of logic can see that this technology will be used to double down on state power and not the other way around! I am still very skeptical on the whole Ed thing! Again, why is this spy, only letting out information in such a controlled manner? The five eyes program for instance was quite well known before he absconded, So, while he sounds genuine and has what looks to be putting his life… Read more »