Geoengineering Could Start WWIII As Nations React

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Weaponizing weather has been a military goal since WWI, but as global warming hysteria proceeded, it was used to ‘cool’ the earth. However, weather does not respect national borders and what one country does can radically affect the weather in its neighbors. ⁃ TN Editor

Climate change may end up causing World War 3 if individual countries start to try and save themselves by hacking the weather with a process called geoengineering.

Many experts are in favour of geoengineering, which involves manipulating the atmosphere by blocking sunlight or isolating excess carbon, but weather hacking in one region could have negative impacts in another and lead to global conflict, according to scientists.

It is solar geoengineering that appears to be the most problematic and not so much carbon capture because solar geoengineering would involve spraying chemicals into the air that would block some sunlight.

When speaking on the sun blocking topic, geoengineering researcher Juan Moreno-Cruz told Business Insider: “The threat of war never is out of the question.”

If geoengineering is going to happen then all countries would have to be informed and agree because some areas may be more negatively effected than others.

Andrea Flossmann, a scientist at the World Meteorological Organization, explained in a WMO report: “The atmosphere has no walls. What you add may not have the desired effect in your vicinity, but by being transported along might have undesired effects elsewhere.”

Earth’s temperatures are set to soar to dangerous levels so a lot of scientists think the unknown consequences of geoengineering are worth the risk.

The worse case scenario is that Earth’s atmospheric chemistry is irreversibly altered and causes freak weather conditions like monsoons, hurricanes and heatwaves that could kill thousands and increase global tensions.

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It’s quite interesting how these evil people can create earthquakes, tornado’s, tsunami’s and cancer. Yes, cancer. I know sooo many people who have cancer, young and old! It’s very clear our world won’t be here long, how can it? And man did it, not God. God created a perfect world, and man ruined it. “But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent(intense) heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burn… Read more »


This is not a “gonna happen” unless-countries-agree thing. It has been happening. Take a look at the sky. Those are not contrails, as you’ve been led to believe by the MSM. Geoengineering in real time has been executed worldwide since, at least, the 90’s. The weather control testing has been done since WWI. Blogs, discussions and chemical analyses are available on the net for the novice to investigate.