Solar Energy Produces 300 Times More Toxic Waste Than Does Nuclear Power

Solar and wind power are the key elements of ‘renewable power’ but both are fraught with economic and environmental problems that are seldom discussed, especially by the technocrats who are pushing them. However, it is the public that is financing and subsidizing these foolish investments.

CCA infograph

Beware Of Latest Energy Scam: Community Choice Aggregators

Any modern energy initiative is guaranteed to have a Technocrat planner. This story comes directly from an involved participant who is fighting against his local Community Choice Aggregator project. Be assured that this “scheme” will roll out into cities across America, where citizens will be deceived and bewildered, especially when their electricity rates unexpectedly rise.

Other names for the same scheme include: Community Choice Energy (CCE), Municipal Aggregation, Governmental Aggregation, Electricity Aggregation and Community Aggregation. As of 2014, 1,300 municipalities were directly affected.

Oil refinery

To Be Great, America Needs To Use More Energy, Not Less

Energy consumption is directly connected to Economic activity; factories, agriculture and services are all directly driven by energy. Thus, cutting energy – as Obama as done – will result in declining economic input. It doesn’t take a PhD economist to figure this out.