Food Systems

Exchanging seed in Ghana

Colonizing Africa: Monsanto And Big Ag Criminalize Traditional Seed Exchanges

Monsanto and its very small handful of competitors are enforcing ‘intellectual property rights’ by criminalizing unauthorized distribution of their seeds. Farmers around the world are at the mercy of these giants to use their seeds only, and there is no escape for most. This is Technocracy at its worst, and near-total control over all food supply is demonic at the least. 

uma valeti

Lab-Grown Meat Will Hit Supermarket Shelves Soon

Technocrats invent because they can, not because there is any moral target in view. Ingesting any tampered or man-made food or drug should be thoroughly tested in a controlled population before releasing to the public. The medical industry has the worst track record of suppressing testing data and skipping testing altogether if it can get away with it. This company’s founder and CEO is a medical doctor.

John Deere

American Farmers Hacking Their John Deere Tractors With Ukrainian Firmware

Global agricultural giant John Deere has played foul with its customers for over 40 years. In the early days of the Trilateral Commission (founded 1973), Deere Chairman and CEO William Hewitt was a member and key player in monopolizing the agricultural equipment industry. Things have not changed. Today’s tractors are locked in order to force Farmers to use their local dealer for all service and repair, which is costly and seldom convenient. Thus, creative farmers have turned to the black market to buy unlock kits, proprietary cables and software, in order to perform their own maintenance and repair. In sum, John Deere represents the epitome of Technocrat thinking.

Insect protein

The Future Of Food: What Will We Eat In 2030?

Dietary scientists say you only need approximately one pound of meat per week to be ‘sustainable.’ The World Economic Forum (WEF) will gladly proscribe your exact and entire feeding regimen, and all you have to do is eat what they say.