Police State

Baltimore Is Global Testbed For Total Surveillance

Police receive buckets of money in grants from outside the city’s oversight, and are thus not accountable for how it is used. Police departments need to be put back under the total direction of the cities they serve, and the taking of outside funds should be forbidden.

Insect drone

Spy Tools Advance Faster That Lawmakers Can Regulate

Original Technocrats in the 1930s hated politicians and would have simply dismissed them summarily. Today, technology is being splattered on society faster than our political process can handle, giving the Technocrats a huge advantage in overrunning our institutions and society in general.

NSA Logo

Surveillance Powers For FBI And NSA Set To Rise Under Trump

Scientific Dictatorship and Technocracy are enabled by the ever-increasing surveillance of citizens. Thus far, there is no evidence that Trump has any concept of Technocracy or its intent to dominate the world with an alternative economic system based on resources and energy.

Tianamin Square

Zuckerberg Pledges To Help China Censor Facebook Content

Mark Zuckerberg is proving himself to be a true Technocrat by assisting China’s autocratic and repressive government to censor content on Facebook. If he has such tools, how long will it be before they are applied in other countries or in the United States?