Police State

Connecticut May Be First State To Weaponize Police Drones

When drones were originally adopted by law enforcement, there were abundant assurances that they would NEVER be weaponized, and so citizens went back to sleep . However, this writer warned that weaponized drones were certain to happen unless the practice was sternly outlawed. It wasn’t, and now it is happening.

Carlsbad, CA

Carlsbad To Photograph License Plate Of Every Car Entering City

In the name of fighting crime, all citizens will be punished. Lazy and sloppy police work and inability to properly contain criminal elements, make it easier to implement draconian surveillance platforms. This is absolutely wrong-headed but it is sweeping the nation. Note that city police departments exist at the instance of the city councils, and report to the mayors.

smart home technology

Can Your Smart Home Be Used Against You In Court?

The short answer is “Yes.” While suspects enjoy lawyer-client and husband-wife privileges regarding confidentiality, there apparently is no such expectation from some inanimate object that you own, and even those placed in your home without your knowledge or consent. This is hardly Constitutional, but nobody has risen to challenge it in court.


Students Ejected From Class Over Lack Of Vaccinations

Technocrats all say that their science is “settled” and that everyone else must obey. These students were kicked out of school because they opted not to take vaccines. If vaccines really worked as claimed, why would any vaccinated student be worried? This is a religions war that is developing between Scientism and everyone else.