Police State

China Using AI To Catch Evildoers Before They Commit Crime

China will be the first super-power to implement total surveillance on all of their 1.4 billion citizens, which is a necessary goal in order to perfect their Technocracy. To a Technocrat, actual proof of committing a crime is not necessary for you to deserve punishment. History is riddled with genocidal behavior based on baseless suspicions, physical and mental characteristics and behavior patterns. As China perfects this technology, it will spread to the rest of the world like wildfire.

Police Can Now Download All Of Your Smartphone Activity In Seconds

Under the guise of improved public safety, police may soon be able to download the entire contents of your smartphone containing your most personal and intimate information. This is a massive violation of a person’s Constitutional right to privacy. Are Technocrats concerned? Not in the least. 

Three Months In Jail For Refusing To Give Police His iPhone Passcode

Can a person be forced to supply incriminating evidence against themselves? Not according to the Constitution, but judges are taking a different interpretation. Truly, this man could be guilty, but it is up to the state to prove its case and supply its own evidence. The defendant should not be forced to testify against himself.

Crime scene

AI Detective Analyses Police Data To Crack Criminal Cases

If surveillance AI fails to catch the criminal before he acts, it will certainly catch him after the crime is committed. Some will say this spells the end of crime, but it will also put innocent people in jail with little right to appeal. Will judges and juries be automated as well?