India Smart Grid Week 2016: Nation Needs To Go Smart On Renewable Energy

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TN Note: Smart Grid ramps up around the world, including India. Here it is offered a the road to India becoming a smart country.  Control over energy is a key requirement for Technocracy to be implemented, and the “smart race” is on everywhere in the world. 

Addressing leading technology experts in the field of electricity, policymakers and utility leaders from across the globe at the India Smart Grid Week, Shri Piyush Goyal, Minister of Power, Coal and Renewable Energy strongly advocated the need for India to adopt smart grids and concepts to improve energy access and ensure power reaches the last man on the bottom of the pyramid.

Speaking at the India Smart Grid Week 2016, organized by India Smart Grid Forum, the Minister talked about the importance of adopting smart grid technologies and encouraged policymakers and stakeholders to work together towards technology-enabled efficient networks to ensure 24*7 affordable energy to every citizen in the country.

“Do it smart to do it right. Every dimension of human existence can be transformed with quality power and energy. Smart grids and smart meters are the first step for India to become a smart country. I invite the partnership of all stakeholders, power utilities and policymakers to participate to make power 24*7 supply of affordable electricity to every person in the country,” said Shri Piyush Goyal, Power Minister.

“In doing so, smart grids are extremely important to reach to the last man on the bottom of the pyramid. Hence, we need to have innovative solutions that are cost effective, technology-enabled and giving equal opportunity to all. While technology will help us drive down the cost, we are very particular about the quality as well. Both technology and quality are non-negotiable for us.”

Innovative financing models and contracts would be a win-win for all the stakeholders
The minister also encouraged mobile companies, who are equipped with the potential to reach up to the last mile, to step forward and invest in the power sector. He stressed the importance of innovative financing models and contracts that would be a win-win for all the stake holders.

“The goal is to have smart meters in every establishment and home in India, this means business opportunity to install 250 million smart meters in the country in next three and half year. We want the smart meters to be priced at Rs 999 or below. For us figure 9 is extremely important as we targeted to make LEDs at Rs 99, we today buy it at much below Rs 99,” added Shri Goyal.

Organized by India Smart Grid Forum, the India Smart Grid week , the international conference and exhibition 3 day conclave is an initiative taken to attract the attention on the critical issues such as energy requirement of the country, capabilities of smart grids, their cost effectiveness and benefits to customers and utilities. The event has brought together the power utilities, policy makers and other stake holders to leverage the evolving smart grid technologies in resolving some crucial lacunas in electricity delivery.

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