‘Safe Distancing’ Portland Will Ban Cars On 100 Miles Of Roads

Street closures in PortlandPhoto: Will Vanlue
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Portland already hates cars so what better excuse than ‘safe distancing’ to ban them from 100 miles of city streets? What are citizens to do? Let them walk or ride bicycles, six feet apart, of course! The social distancing police will have a bonanza of new ticketing opportunities. ⁃ TN Editor

The city of Portland, Oregon will ban cars from 100 miles of roadway in order to encourage social distancing for people walking, biking or running during the coronavirus pandemic.

They closures will primarily affect streets along designated neighborhoods which have lower car traffic in general, according to KGW8Temporary barricades and signage will be installed to alert drivers of the closures.

The plan also includes expanding space for pedestrians along streets that are “narrow or missing sidewalks,” and provide more room with pop-up walking and biking lanes.

In business districts, PBOT said they’ll establish space so customers can line up with enough physical distance, and create dedicated loading zones for pickup and delivery.

The city of Portland has seen a dramatic spike in speeding since the pandemic began and a major decrease in traffic congestion. 

Further details about the plan can be found online. It’s unclear when the closures will begin. –KGW8

When we reach the point that we can re-open, we want to make sure our transportation system is ready,” announced Portland Bureau of Transportation Director Chris Warner.

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Well, now; I wonder what all of those LibTards will do now?! They’ve gotten what they asked for! Now lets see their reaction when it comes time for the ‘rubber to meet the road’ (as in FOOT rubber).

Samara Morgan

This stuff has gotten so far out of hand. And I’m not even bringing the CCP virus into the equation. I do not comply with any unconstitutional, communist or technocrat rule or law. I’ve lost friends and even done time for my refusal to bow to such nonsense. Those of us that have given up liberty freely got us here. I know I have reached some with my talks and that is sometimes all I need. Many give in because they have family or fear loss of income or even life. I have no family and live almost completely off… Read more »


What Samara said!!



Keymer Willingham

Samara you just spoke to my heart. I WILL die FREE and without regret, but may I live forever if the Most High sees me fit. May Yah bless you and yours Samara. Never give up!!!


The origin of the word “journey” is the french for “the day”, la journee, it actually meant “the length of the day which was then equated to how far you could wlk in that time, walking being the only mode of transport for the peasantry, that’s whayI have long said that the plan of “The Greates Heist in History” has been to get us all back on shank’s pony so we can’t move about and casue trouble. And, by the way, electric, semi, or wholly autonomous cars won’t be the solution as there is no such thing, the can all… Read more »


Doo doo doo doo…doo doo doo doo…The Twilight Zone is REAL and it’s HERE.

Laura McDonough

This will ruin businesses, many older and/or handicapped folks will not get on a bike. In the deep south where I am, nothing like that is going on yet, you need air cond. in a car to be comfy running errands in the gulf states.

Patricia P Tursi, PhD.

Social distancing, masks and sanitization will ensure a dumbing down of our nervous systems. Like a dog sniffing to learn, our immune system needs constant access to the microbe world so it can identify, determine friend or foe, catalog for future reference and, if appropriate, stimulate the immune system to respond. Will we drag Pasteur’s fallacious “germ theory” into the next century? Absolutely ignorant. As to the banning of cars, I guess old people and compromised individuals do not need to travel.


Agenda 21/ 2030 Agenda in play using problem reaction solution. They cause the plandemic and use it to get there goals in place faster then you can say mask up buttercup.

John Willson

Let’s hope that every wacko on the left coast moves to Portland and makes life there even more unsustainable than it is now.

Chris Stoneback

That should be fun when it’s 34 degrees and pouring rain.